With access to accurate near real-time data, G Medical’s mobile cardiac telemetry monitor delivers actionable results faster for enhanced patient care.

Clinical reports provide Min/Max Average QT and QTcB and QTcB >460ms measurements.

Our multi-channel mobile cardiac telemetry monitor provides continuous recording, detection and transmission of cardiac rhythm dysfunctions while the patient is fully mobile. Patients may also record manual events with symptom and activity reporting.

  • Single unit device – no additional gateway required
  • Improve patient compliance with a compact design and intuitive user interface
  • Record and store symptoms on digital patient diary
  • Customize autotrigger thresholds
  • Evaluate comfortably for up to 30 days.

Advanced diagnostics and comprehensive clinical reporting, including:

  • Episodic, End of Study and Urgent notifications
  • Min/Max Average QT and QTcB and QTcB >460ms measurements.
  • Heart rate averages and HRV charts
  • A-Fib onset and offset
  • AF burden and rate charts
  • PVC counts
  • Lorenz plot
  • Full disclosure report on demand

Visit the patient support center if you are experiencing any issues or have questions.

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