G Medical’s multi-channel extended AECG Holter delivers accurate data to empower decision-making and enhance patient care.

The AECG patch is proven to increase patient comfort and compliance. The “snap, peel, and stick” application enables stress-free monitoring during sleep, exercise, and showering.

  • Eliminate the need for lead wires with a single electrode application
  • Increase diagnostic yield with multi-channel recordings
  • Continuously records a 2 or 3 channel ECG (Leads II, III, and V) from 3 to 14 days
  • Enhance compliance with ultra-compact design and comfortable format
  • Experience long-lasting battery life.

Remote cardiac monitoring with comprehensive full disclosure reporting.

G Medical’s HIPAA-compliant interface provides advanced arrhythmia reporting and analysis, equipping providers with the thorough data necessary to make informed decisions.

  • Concise reports with clinically relevant data and easy navigation
  • Secure reports available on-line
  • Stat reports upon request

Visit the patient support center if you are experiencing any issues or have questions.

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