Make better decisions, beat by beat. 

G Medical delivers vital diagnostics with accuracy and speed. Our wearable technologies and 24/7 cardiac monitoring services deliver fast, thorough, and actionable data, enabling clinicians to make better decisions and enhance the level of patient care, faster.

G Medical offers single and multi-lead Ambulatory ECG monitoring technologies. Our unobtrusive monitors enhance patient comfort and convenience, resulting in increased compliance and an improved patient experience.

Extended AECG

Ensure patient compliance with the “snap, peel, and stick” application, enabling comfortable monitoring during sleep, exercise, and showering.


Clarus 40M Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Detect, record, and transmit cardiac rhythm dysfunctions while the patient is fully mobile.

Elevate your remote cardiac event monitoring efficiencies with 24/7 actionable reporting and analysis.

Our HIPAA-compliant reporting portal provides secure access to arrhythmia reporting and analysis, equipping providers with the thorough data necessary to make informed decisions. Robust reports chart asymptomatic and patient-triggered events, PVC counts, AF burden, average heart rate, total wear time and Lorenz plots in an easily understood format. The web-based portal may be used to enroll patients, order supplies and view, edit and download clinical reports.

Remote cardiac monitors are making an impact industry-wide.

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