Powerful AI, Validated by Human Eyes

Our advanced ECG analysis platform identifies complex arrhythmia and has been shown to reduce by 20X the false positive rate in detection of AF with 96.8% sensitivity and 99.2% specificity.
Our analysts include registered cardiac nurses, EMTs and Certified Cardiographic Technicians with decades of experience. They can differentiate clinically significant episodes of arrhythmia which reduce unnecessary reporting.

Concise Reporting

Clinically relevant data and easy navigation
  • Min/Max Average QT and QTcB and QTcB >460ms measurements.
  • Multiple leads showing 3 different views of the heart
  • Total wear analyzed time
  • Day & Night Heart Rate Averages
  • Calculated AF Burden % and AF Duration
  • Calculated VE % (PVC)
  • Auto-trigger or Patient activated events
  • Key Arrhythmia strips
  • Secure reports available on-line
  • Stat reports upon request

GPatch / myPatch Extended Holter AECG

Easily monitor patients  from 72 hours and up to 14 days. Ensure patient compliance with the “snap, peel, and stick” application, enabling comfortable monitoring during sleep, exercise, and showering.

G Medical Spider Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Detect, record, and transmit cardiac rhythm dysfunctions while the patient is fully mobile.

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