GPatch Extended Holter.

Millions of people experience arrhythmia, an abnormal rhythm of the heart. Our GPatch is a wearable extended Holter monitor that records every heart beat while worn. This ensures that your physician receives as much recorded data as possible in order to diagnose the cause and identify an appropriate method of treatment, faster.

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the use and application of the GPatch Extended Holter monitor.

You may comfortably wear the patch for up to 14 days.

DO NOT shower for 24 hours after the patch is applied. Following the initial 24 hours, you may shower and bathe as often as necessary, but please do not stay submerged in water for over an hour.

Double tap on the device. A digital mark will be placed on the recording. Record your symptoms and activities in the diary provided. The digital mark and diary entries will be reviewed by your health care professional.

Although extremely rare, some patients may experience a rash or discomfort due to the adhesive on the electrode. Contact G Medical at 1 800 747 4455 if you experience severe itching or irritation

Yes! If asked, present the travel security statement within the diary and Patient Guide

Visit the patient support center if you are experiencing any issues or have questions.

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