G Medical makes paying for your cardiac monitor easy.

G Medical patient advocates understand the complexities of medical expenses — that’s why we are a participating provider with most insurance companies, including Medicare and HMO’s. We will bill the technical component of the service directly to your insurance company.

Prior to treatment, we will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and coverage for the service. If a deductible or copayments are required, you will receive a financial responsibility letter from G Medical. Some healthcare providers may bill your insurance directly for the service, and you will not receive a bill from G Medical. We recommend that you ask your healthcare provider if G Medical will be billing you directly.

To discuss any out-of-pocket expenses for the technical service, please contact the Patient Support Center during your monitoring service. Please note that we offer flexible payment options and a discounted self-pay rate to help offset any financial burden.

Patients are encouraged to call patient advocates to discuss their benefits. We are available between Monday and Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST at 1-800-595-2898.


Pay Your Bill

What is an Explanation of Benefits?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement is a notification form provided to you when a health care benefits claim is processed by your insurance provider. The EOB is NOT a bill. The amount shown on the EOB represents the list price for the G Medical service you were prescribed, any payment amounts provided by your insurance, and the amount you may owe after the insurance has processed the claim. Please keep the EOB for your records. If you have questions regarding the amount you may owe, please contact our Patient Support Center.

The EOB will include:

  • The member and patient name, member’s group and identification numbers, and claim number.
  • The date of the claim, amount billed, total benefits approved, and the amount you may owe the provider.
  • The provider (in this case G Medical).
  • A coverage summary indicating what was paid to whom, what discounts and deductions apply, and what part of the total expense was not covered.

The EOB may also include additional information, such as:

  • Amounts Not Covered on what benefit limitations or exclusions apply.
  • Out-Of-Pocket Expenses.
  • Your rights regarding review of claim denials.

If G Medical is submitting the claim on your behalf, your insurance provider will send an EOB within 2-4 weeks after you have returned the monitor to your physician.

  • G Medical will bill the amount owed ONLY after your insurance company has processed your claim. You do not need to pay until you receive a bill.
  • G Medical will work on your behalf to ensure that your claim is processed to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Depending on your benefits plan and healthcare provider, you may receive a separate bill from your doctor for their services.
  • To elect a self-pay option at a reduced cost, please call G Medical before returning your monitor.

Contact the patient support center if you are experiencing any issues or have questions.

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