Remote cardiac monitors are making an impact industry-wide.

Providing an accurate and timely diagnosis of arrhythmias is crucial in making treatment decisions that impact patient care and healthcare utilization. The choice of arrhythmia recording systems allows physicians to select the right device for each patient, view the clinical evidence below:

“AECG monitoring often establishes a diagnosis of AF in a given patient. Once established, AF is a chronic disease, and AECG monitoring can be important to its long-term management.”

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“Given the superior outcome of MCT regarding both patient care and hospital savings, hospitals only stand to gain by enforcing protocols that favor the MCT system over the Event or the Holter monitor.”

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“Adhesive AECG patch devices have recently been demonstrated to be superior to Holter monitors in diagnosing AF, largely due to a longer study period and higher study completion rate owing to unobtrusive, user-friendly designs. They will continue to be useful tools for quantifying arrhythmia burden and surveillance of asymptomatic or symptomatic arrhythmias and conduction system diseases such as intermittent high-grade AVB or sick sinus syndrome.”

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